FIG Non Stick Frypan with Teflon Rock Series Non Stick Coating and Oven Proof Glass Lid


FIG Frypan with Teflon Rock Series Non Stick Coating. Glass Lid is Oven Proof.

This FIG Frypan will make a great addition to any kitchen. The non-stick PFOA Free and Eco-friendly pan allow you to cook oil-free, healthier meals for the whole family to enjoy! The high quality ensures years of great use.

This range of Fig Cookware features a non-stick; scratch-resistant marble Teflon Rock Series coating and heat-resistant handles. Teflon increases the quality of cooking by ensuring a good flow of heat throughout the surface area and cleaning is a breeze due to the non-stick coating.

• Coating as strong as marble
• Induction base
• Scratch resistant
• Shatter proof glass lid
• Compliant with global food regulations
• Ovenproof including knobs
• Heat resistant handles