Suhana Hot Chilli Powder


Suhana Hot Chilli Powder adds heat and flavour to any curry.

  • Taste the superior quality of Suhana Hot Chilli – If you like your food with a little heat, then you’ll love our Suhana Hot Chilli Powder. Made from the best quality chillies at our Suhana factory in India, this is perfect for giving your dishes that kick of fiery-ness. Add it to your favourite recipes or use it everyday for that extra flavour and heat!
  • Hot Chilli Which Is All Natural – The Suhana Hot Chilli Powder is made with all natural ingredients, which makes it healthier and tastier. This powder is made with a blend of different chilli peppers, so you can expect all kinds of fiery kicks in your taste buds. It’s perfect for culinary enthusiasts who like to experiment in the kitchen.


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